All students either freshmen or returning are required to sign the ODLRI LASU code of conduct at the beginning of every session.

Without prejudice to existing rules and regulations, this code of conduct shall guide the behaviour of students in the University.

  1. All secret cults, confraternities and similar organisations in the University are illegal. Any student of the Institute found to be a member, sponsor, or patron of such an organisation shall be liable to summary dismissal from the University;
  2. The possession, carrying or use of arms and dangerous weapons by the students on any visit to the campus is illegal and any student found to possess, carry or use such weapon shall be dismissed from the University;
  3. Any student who threatens or in any way endangers the life of any students or members of staff or engages in physical fight on the campus shall be liable to strict disciplinary action, which may lead to dismissal. Students should in addition note and be reminded that causing bodily harm, rape and threat of life are criminal offences and will be reported to the police;
  4. Consumption and use of all alcoholic beverages and liquor on the campus by students are prohibited and any student caught using and consuming such beverages and liquor shall face disciplinary action;
  5. Students are also reminded that suspension from University is suspension from participation in academic activities on-line and on the campus. Any suspended student who continues to attend or attempts to attend academic lectures or course or participate in any other students’ activities while the suspension is still in force shall be summarily dismissed from the University; Course Adviser for your level    —>>> Administrative Secretary    —>>> Deputy Director   —>>> Director
  6. No mosque, church or any house of prayer or worship on the campus shall be used as residence or for residential purposes by any student. Any such building known or used as a residence or for residential purposes shall be closed forthwith;
  7. Any interference on matters of discipline from whatever quarters shall be resisted;
  8. There must be strict adherence to a well-defined official line of communication between students and the ODLRI authorities. This should be as shown below:

(ii)       Administrative Secretary, ODLRI

(iii)      University Security Agents

Examination Malpractices The Institute frowns seriously at any act of examination malpractice. The penalty for examination malpractice is dismissal.