It is the responsibility of each student to ensure the following:

  1. Prompt registration at the beginning of each semester;
  2. Regular attendance at Online lectures  and Discussion Forum;
  3. Quick response to official calls;
  4. Completion of all academic assignments and activities;
  5. Effective use of the e- library and studying at his/her convenience;
  6. Close relationship with his/her Course Administrative Assistant and E-tutor
  7. Good preparations and success in all examinations;
  8. Compliance with all rules and regulations of the University and ODLRI;
  9. Eschews all acts that can lead to suspension or dismissal from the University. Some of such serious acts are joining cult and examination malpractice.

To this end, students should know that their success or failure depends on how they are able to manage their resources and comport themselves in the University