1. To deliver quality and up to date curricula that place graduates of LASU-ODLRI in a better stead over their colleagues in face-to-face Universities.
  2. To create a robust E-learning platform in addition to face-to-face mode of learning, for delivering quality university education.
  3. To create an appropriate IT architecture that will support students’ needs vis-à-vis learning, research, and community services through cutting edge technologies.
  4. To provide quality platform of literacy and opportunities for qualified applicants that cannot be admitted into conventional Universities as well as those that are gainfully employed but wish to acquire more knowledge.
  5. To provide an environment that creates opportunities for individuals to realise their full potentials through virtual education with guaranteed quality assurance.
  6. To partner with relevant stakeholders both locally and internationally, with a view to exposing the graduates to World Class Standards.
  7. To compete with other renowned Open Universities within 10years of take-off, thereby becoming the number one ODL Institute in Africa.