Training on our ODLRI platform would be more intensive and richer than the face-to-face mode; this will lead to better quality graduates. This can be achieved by ensuring that our facilitators/lecturers as well as the staff at the Directorate are fully immersed in the ODL quality culture.

At the beginning of each week, each student should receive an email detailing the activities of the week. These activities will be divided into stages or steps.  Each step could include an article, a video, quiz, discussion, presentations by the student and a paragraph length write up of progress/challenges to be written by the student at the end of each week. This is a weekly feedback report. We should ensure that every succeeding week is a build-up on the last. The curriculum is such that will impact didactic as well as practical knowledge and regularly updated to reflect the realities of the times. The development of the modules is multidisciplinary involving the academics, IT personnel as well as persons who have excelled in the field of study. Each lecture presentation is independently reviewed and vetted by a panel comprising the peers of the facilitator, our foreign partners as well as people who have knowledge of the subject. Periodically, via teleconferencing, we would have captains of industries in the respective field of study to address the class on practical issues concerning the course.

Assessment of these students shall be with both internal and external examiners to ensure that standards are maintained and would comprise facilitator-marked assignment, computer marked assignment, projects and so on.  All materials (both the lecture notes and the students’ work) on our platform are filtered to eliminate plagiarism and ensure as well as encourage originality of all works. Each student would be assigned to a counsellor who interacts with him/her individually at least once in two weeks. The ratio of counsellor to student is 1 : 50. This is to ensure that our students get all the support they require to graduate as world class.

The content covered in each programme would at least be 10% more than what the NUC BMAS provides for in the face-to-face delivery system. This we can achieve by some of the ways enumerated above.

All our students on this platform (ODLRI) would be equipped with 21st century skills. At this programme, they would watch a video tutorial to familiarize themselves with the basics of the computer, the internet and any other information they may need to run their course of study. This will also be an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the structures at the Directorate as well as their institution – LASU

Because of the prevailing economic situation our platform – ODLRI shall not offer courses that would not be practicable post-graduation. Hence, only professional, vocational, productive academic programmes which are flexible and of social relevance will be offered, and their contents will be tailored to this end.

We will provide seamless, affordable and meaningful quality education and our products would be the pride of the world, as latest tools and techniques of Information, Communication Technologies and e-learning will be adapted by updating regularly.