Business Administration in Open and Distance Learning & Research Institute

Under the Lagos State University Open and Distance Learning and Research Institute, the Philosophy of the Business Administration programme is to provide an adequate platform for our students to acquire and develop appropriate technical, human and conceptual skills and attitude and knowledge required for effective business leadership technologically and global competiveness in the 21st century; to inculcate high standard of ethical behaviour and resource management in our students and prepare them for a successful life as entrepreneurs and managers.


The objectives of the programme are to:

  1. provide training in the principles of Business Administration and their application appropriate to the type of degree concerned: single, joint and combined studies;
  2. stimulate students intellectually through the study of Business Administration virtually and to lead them to appreciate its application to a range of problems and its relevance in variety of contexts;
  3. provide a firm foundation of knowledge about the workings of an economy and to develop the relevant skills for the constructive use of that knowledge in a range of settings;
  4. develop in students the ability to apply the analytical tools, knowledge and skills acquired to the solution of societies’ Business Administration problems;
  5. equip students with appropriate tools of analysis to tackle issues and problems of Business Administration policy;
  6. develop in students, through the study of Business Administration, a range of transferable skills that will be of value in employment and self-employment;
  7. provide students with analytical skills and the ability to develop simplified frameworks for studying the world;
  8. provide students with the knowledge and skill base, from which they can proceed to further studies in Business Administration, related areas or inter-disciplinary areas that involve Business Administration;
  9. generate in students an appreciation of the Business Administration dimensions of wider social and political issues;
  10. equip students with required skills for transformation of the Business System;
  11. produce quality entrepreneurs; and
  12. provide opportunity for the development of knowledge through empirical research.