MKT 102: Elements of Marketing II

Activities in marketing; purchasing / buying function; selling / sales; selling theories and equations; purchasing cycle; legal aspects of marketing; introduction to marketing-mix concept; marketing strategies: Product; definitions; classification; characteristics and features; development of new product; processes; management of the product(s); objectives and planning; generic markets; adoption / innovation of product; product life cycle (PLC); product failure; product modification; branding; packaging & labelling; pricing; definitions; objectives; factors influencing / price setting operation; old school vs modern school of thought; place (distribution); definitions; scope / levels of independent firms; development of distribution channel in Nigeria; factors determining choice of marketing channels; channels conflicts and resolution; promotion; definitions; promotion mix; factors influencing promotion mix; need for promotion; benefits of promotion; marketing communication; background; role of marketing communication; developing effective communication; current developments in marketing; international marketing; world marketing institutions; industrial marketing; relationship marketing; events marketing; problems and prospects of local markets development in Nigeria.